How do we live more satisfying lives?

In a day where Kanye embarrassed Black America by displaying the highest level coonery during his White House visit with Trump, Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on Florida’s Panhandle, Saudi Arabia — a vital U.S. ally is being investigated for conducting beheadings, and a Kardashians is meeting the President of Uganda, literally all at the same time.

I beg the question… honestly a million questions but let’s start with this one.

How do we live more satisfying lives?

That is a complex question. Depending on who you ask it can lead to even more complex answers. I have been meditating on this question for years it seems and the only answers that come to me time and time again are.

In order of importance:

Increased Spirituality/Hope – For me that’s Christianity
Authentic Love – Family, friends, neighbors, support circles, community
Vision/Goals – New experiences that inspire new thoughts to lead to new goals

Spirituality & Love – I believe we can live more satisfying lives if we have a hopeful mindset that we are not doing this daily walk in life alone. Research has proven time and time again that we are connection heavy beings 
we desire a sense of community and love. Both spirituality and love from friends and family provide that.

Now if for some unfortunate reason you don’t believe that it is possible where you are, perhaps you can find it – many people do by following the next few points in this article.

Vision & Goals – If we have better life experiences we can shape better visions for the future. Naturally, if we have better visions we can plan more fulfilling goals. If we have goals that are challenging but realistic we won’t give up or get stuck in the same ol’ same ol’.

In 2017, only 33% of Americans surveyed said they were happy. In 2016, just 31% of Americans reported the same. Reported in a study conducted by The Harris Poll ( )

It’s obvious that the majority of Americans are unhappy because goals and values are centered around things that wouldn’t make you happy even if you had a million years to achieve them. We all know them: money, sex/beauty, power, and fame.

Do we boast money, sex/beauty, power, and fame in our country’s motto?

No, but we might as well. Here’s a list of the top paid celebrities of 2018. Our culture is celebrity obsessed so it is important to consider this lens when discussing this topic.

Peek at #3? What the actual what?

Forces Top Paid Celebrity List 2018

Money, sex and fame are Kylie Jenner’s sole brand components and she is #3 on the list next to people who have perfected their crafts over 10+ years at the minimum.

The brand that rakes in most of her earnings has only been around for 1 year and 10 months. Some of the people on this list has been building their careers for longer than she’s been alive. Kylie also ranked in $900 million this year and next up was Judge Judy at only $400 million so not only is she #3 but she is #3 by leaps and bounds.

Kylie Cosmetics has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup since its founding in February 2016.

To be very clear most of these people are doing work that isn’t exactly the noblest so I don’t mean to single her out entirely. I used her as an example because of her scope of influence and short tenure in the industry.

Additionally, I respect the amount of work athletes, artist and actors have to put in to achieve the level of professional success required to reach this list; I cannot say the same for Jenner.

I love makeup more than the average girl so I am not knocking the category but I do have an M.S. in Marketing and can assure you the make-up she sells is not what got her $630 million dollars.

Americans bought because Kylie exudes money, sex/beauty, and fame.

Do they know they won’t get money, sex/beauty, and fame from a lip gloss?
Consciously, yes of course! But they don’t care it makes them feel empowered even if only for a moment.

What if I told you there’s a better way.

A way to feel lasting fulfillment that lingers in the soul.
A way to escape, grow and fall in love all at the same time.

The advertising industry wants your minority dollar to buy red bottoms/sneakers, bags, cars, sunglasses, cologne/perfume, and even Kylie’s lip kits for the lips they modeled after you.   👀

But what they don’t target your minority persona for are all those experiences that will truly enrich your life; like travel.

Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.  

There is nothing else that you can buy, other than educational tools like books and seminars, that will actually make you richer on the inside and expand your mind to limitless possibilities.

Here at I Choose the Latter you will learn how to budget for travel, plan for travel and where to travel.  You will be exposed to is the realness on how to elevate  beyond these borders lingering in our minds from our American programming. Think of it as Minority Elevation – Decoded.

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