How to Plan a Road Trip


With the holidays near an affordable alternative to flying is to take a Road Trip! 

Although road trips do take more time getting to a destination compared to flying, road trips hold an intimacy that flying just can’t match.  Road trips allow flexibility in where you go, who you can take along, and what memories you can make on the way. 

Basically road trips rule out most of your travel excuses: travel cost too much, I decided last minute, I don’t have enough vacation days, not sure where to go and the list goes on. 

Road trips allow you the flexibility to drive one major or small city over for 2 nights if choose. Who said adventures only take places thousands of miles away? I have had some pretty great trips within 200 miles from my home. That’s less a 2.5-hour drive.  

I particularly find road trips convenient for family travel whether that’s a larger group of people on varying budgets or toddlers in tow.

Here are my must-do tips for planning road trips that I use often and I plan to use for my road trip to Alabama this week: 

Must-do tips for planning road trips

  1. Rent a car if your car is unreliable. Nothing is worse than being stuck on the side of the road when you should be relaxing. Priceline has pretty low prices starting at $10.95 per day for a rental car. 
  2. Double check your credit card perks for free insurance for the rental. Save that $60 at the rental car pick up desk by booking your rental with a credit card that covers rental insurance. Just call the 800 number on the back of your credit card and ask about your rental insurance perks then use that card to book at Priceline or another online rental booking provider. Then kindly turn down the insurance at the check-in desk. 
  3. Clean the car! Rental or not, we sanitize every inch of the car and clean it to ensure maximum comfort on the road. 
  4. Double check the oil, tires, windshield wipers and outlets for charging devices. 
  5. Check that all tire changing essentials are in the vehicle.  
  6. Bring a real map. I know it’s 2018 but strange things have happened in 2018. One can never be too safe or sure most rest stops have maps just pick one up in route. 
  7. Use GPS with caution know that they are not always accurate the usual Google Maps and Waze are idea here. 
  8. Do use the Google or Waze traffic predictor to avoid traffic rushes if you have a specific destination in mind. 
  9. Preload your phone or iPad with movies, music, subscriptions, audio books and of course podcast!
  10. Pack wholesome snacks. Junk food sounds like a good idea for the first hour then it’s all bad. Fuel up wisely to keep up the energy and momentum. 
  11. Pack light. Save space and gas.
  12. Get off on exits with multiple gas stations or use a gas station app for the best prices. A couple of my favorites are Waze and Gas Buddy
  13. Plan lodging at least roughly. Have an idea of what is available in the area your routing to and you should also look into availability. Hotel Tonight is a cool app for last minute bookings.

14. Do stop to smell the roses. The whole point of a road trip is seeing new and cool things. Stop and explore. 

Have an cool road trip resource or story? Please share in the comments.

Until Next Week… Enjoy your Thanksgiving and as always.

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