How travel changed my life!

So there it was March 2007, my first adult trip and first flight ever at the age of 21. I had recently broken up with a longterm boyfriend about 6 months prior and badly needed to get out have fun. Plus I was graduating from college in just 8 weeks. So many things to celebrate and so much hope for the perfect vacation was ahead.


Was the destination. I swear to God I cannot recall how I landed on South Beach Miami as my final destination with my measly Hooter’s girl budget but I was clearly lead there and I’m so glad I went.

I borrowed luggage from my dad and packed all the cute club clothes and sunglasses I stashed away for that very moment.

Essential were handled from a list I found online went as follows:

> bikini wax

> hair

> nails

> eyelashes

> swim suit

> party clothes, chill clothes

> flip flops

> beach towel

> sunscreen

> sunglasses

> hygiene/health items (lotion, soap,vitamins, etc.)

I made appointments had my first full Brazillian wax ever. That cjanged my life! So it’s safe to say travel changed my life before the trip even began. (Sidenote: I never felt more confident in a bikini.)

Packed, cute and ready to roll I headed to the airport bright & early.

Arriving at the airport was so intimidating but I knew it wasn’t impossible. I had printed out a list of airport must do’s and checked them all. Luggage weight, ID, more airport things to follow here.

Though I had never took a flight I’ve always been an expectation setter and follower so I left nothing to chance… follow your airline rules it’s not worth the stress!

Ok back to my trip. So I went through TSA without a hitch. The plane was exactly how I pictured it and the ride was smoother than I imagined.

We arrived and the main thing I remembered was the palm trees so beautiful, so scenic and so Miami.

The welcome to Miami sign made my whole life in that moment it was so late when we arrived but Miami was just getting started the Cuban cafe downstairs from our hotel was bumping. We did what any 21 year olds would do and checked in then immediately went to the liquor store to pregame.

We got dressed then headed out on the night. We partied sensibly every night and beached out daily it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Then my life was changed. Forever.

My friend was addressed in a pretty flamboyant manner by a young man and I awaited her completion of this exaggerated encounter. While doing so the friend of the young man or his wingman as they’re called addressed me.

I will forever remember the place and date. It was in front of the beautiful Lowe Hotel on March 5, 2007. Where I met my now husband of nearly 8 years and father of my 1 and soon to be 2 daughters.

The encounter was boldly candid we had nothing to lose so nothing was exaggerated. We were 2 people trying to get to our next destination while being nice to our friends and God willing we found more conversation later that night, the next day and the day after that. I don’t believe there’s been a day we haven’t spoke since.

I say all that to say. You never know where travel can take you. My first flight EVER took me to an amazing husband, an impressive kid and a life I now led in Boca Raton, FL.

Due to how my husband and I met we have an element of spontaneity and a hunger for travel that’s woven into the fabric of our relationship.

Your travel can find you love or return you home to reconnect with a love that’s lost. Who knows?

Point is… when you travel you open your life up to endless possibilities. You open you mind up to new ideas and you free your dreams of boundaries.

Changing your life can really be that simple.

Step #1 take more trips.

Got a comment, thought or story please share below. Check out the podcast where I discuss this topic and stay tuned for more interviews from people who’s lives have been transformed by travel as well.

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